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Characters made from that sticky stuff
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About Me
Dean Phillips & cARacTac™ characters from tac.
When I first thought of the name back in 2004, I'd originally spelled it with k but shortly afterwards the look of 3 k's sent a chill through my body. Reading it back to myself replaced with c's  was the difference between a freezer door opening, to a plane door opening on arrival in Jamaica. Much warmer!  
I rarely had the patience for art classes when I attended St.Peters.They just did not seem important at the time, sitting on your ass getting numb bum just to draw flowers or a bowl of plastic fruit. However, I did become interested in ceramics & print, which is probably why I'm so involved in my creation of sculpture & cARacTac™
The Beginning
It all started back in 1994. I moved to London from the West Midlands, in search of a peaceful life. I can hear you saying, "London for a peaceful life?" Well I did and 2 days later I was introduced in to the world of advertising. Far from peaceful!
This is when I was re-acquainted with the wonderful product named Blu-Tack® manufactured by Bostik, well known for its versatility. I would also use similar products on the market with different colours and elasticity, all for the same ends, to stick posters up on walls.
Using blu-tack as a sress ball can be very therapeutic. Try it. I could guarantee you will find yourself less stressed with the daily hustle and bustle. It was around this time that I found myself creating strange little figures, just passing the time of day.
In a friends house one day talking to Amy, my friends daughter. I was playing with a piece of blu tack and I'd given Amy some to see if she could create something. While busy with my sculpture she started laughing. When I looked to see what she had made, it was a little chimp!
Now I was laughing, in came mum, Lisa. We were now all laughing, I'm sure the chimp sculpture was laughing as well! Surprised to hear my friend Lisa say, " Why did you squash that? It was really good" to which I replied, "Sorry, I lost interest in mine when I saw Amy's cheeky chimp. I will make another one for you but if you like it that much, will you buy it from me?" She agreed and this was when I realised the potential of my cARacTac™
For a while I was making them as free standing sculpture but as time went by, space was becoming a problem. So I set about adapting them to board, then canvas. Now I had the added benefit of using wall space. However, the leap forward was after a girlfriend suggested that I should photograph them. Some time later I did and was truly amazed with the photos and that with a little creativity, I could introduce extra depth and character.
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