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Characters made from that sticky stuff
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I would like to thank a special lady, Anna P who first suggested I should take photo's of my sculpture.
All the people who gave me inspiration and those who allowed the caractac™ to take root, especially Mat & Lindsey from De Hems, the wonderful Dutch bar in the west end of London and all the great staff who worked there, not forgetting Ellen, Meike, Ryan, Jimmy, Charlotte, Chad, Johnny, Emilio, Kieran and Maria and all the au-pairs from the Netherlands.
Also Anne, Sarah, Terri and Leanna, the hospitality crew. Thank you to Clem, Tina and Shane for allowing me to decorate the reception with my sculpture in club Thirteen, not forgetting David and Ruben for taking care of the caractac™  when I was a little worse for wear. Also any one who had the pleasure of joining me at the round table in 1997 (the Chinese).
Special thank you to Lisa and Amy with the laughing monkey. More recently, I would like to thank my friend Luigi for his generosity in providing me with the stretchy background music for my cARacTac™ 
Also a very special thank you to Martina Tornado for helping me bring my art into the digital arena, thus suitable for fine art print.