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Characters made from that sticky stuff
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Hello, my name is Dean Phillips aka Caractac and I confess to being an artist  
  addicted to Blu-Tack®.
While using blu tack and similar products for a number of years, friends were commenting on the strange sculpted characters that I'd create. With their comments in mind, I decided to put together an ever growing, abstract art collection. I have named my art addiction, cARacTac™  
Art works displayed are high resolution photographic images, of individual sculpture on doodled backgrounds. Some of which have been digitally manipulated to offer you glimpses in to as yet, unexplored realms and dimensions.
Images of my abstract caractac™ are available as fine art prints, some of which I will display here at my on-line sculpture gallery. In the following pages you will find examples of the original sculpture, plus many more examples of caractac™ art prints.  
Available for print on fine art paper, canvas, acrylic and T-shirts.